Meet the Global Team: Fabrizio Angelini, Shareablee lead Italy

Published on Feb 8th, 2020


What’s it like representing Shareablee in Europe?

Quite exciting! Introducing a new product in digital, in an almost-mature market is a real challenge. The Social Analytics tools sector is crowded but there is huge demand for clarity, professionalism and efficiency. 

The first reaction of our customers in Europe – many of which had already used competitors’ solutions has been incredibly positive.

Shareablee is a comprehensive tool, one of six exclusive FB measurement partners, able to apply a proven and certified method for establishing and defining the impact and effectiveness of social media activities for Publishers and Brands. The first sales have been finalized very rapidly.


How hard is it to explain data?

It is not easy indeed, mainly because the market has been inflated with tons of useless information and vanity metrics.

The key advantage of Shareablee in this field is the way the data is reported-  and the usability and effectiveness of the dashboards. 

One of my personal key selling propositions is the strong research background of the Shareablee founder and management. We don’t sell fuzzy data but actionable marketing insights. 


What's your advice for someone who has never used social metrics before?

As always it is essential to identify your goals in order to understand which metrics to monitor. 

My advice is that the continuous flow of data on social media makes it necessary to have a dynamic and easy-to-navigate environment to really understand which metrics use for actionable insights.


Name one personal decoration on the office wall.  

Without overwhelming the senses, paintings of my sailing adventures lend lots of brightness and color to office walls. But what really decorates our office is all the natural lighting, that’s why all window areas are unobstructed to fill our workspace with as much natural light as possible.


Tell us what you enjoy doing when you're not in the office?

I do my best to stay in shape, that’s a great investment to make. I can’t recommend taking that time highly enough - find a sport or a hobby you like, and make time to do it!

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