Shareablee's Media and TV Industry Power Rankings Kick Off for 2020

Published on Feb 13th, 2020

Thursday 13 February 2020, New York NY: Shareablee's first Power Rankings for 2020 have been released with the US Media 100 Index showing  the top ranked companies hit the ground running in the New Year, with most increasing their cross platform actions in January compared to December.

Notably, The Walt Disney Coompany increased its cross platform actions on December by an additional 158 Million in January to a total of more than 704 Million Cross Platform Actions, driven largely by ESPN's expanded activity over the month. AT&T also increased it's Cross Platform Actions in January, compared to the previous month, by 148 Million and the National Basketball Association by 66 Million.

Also released, was the Top 10 US TV Networks ranking which showed CBS Network jumped 4 places up to 7th position to re-enter the top 10. The result was largely do to the CBS Network increasing it's total actions by 66% and its shares by 101% (Facebook + Twitter). The top content was by The Late Late Show with James Corden surrounding the performance of BTS. The launch of Season 15 of Criminal Mind was the property's top Instagram content including cast photos and a still from one of the scenes.
Also amongst the Top 10 US TV Networks, E! rose 2 places to take second position while ABC also rose 1 place to 6th. Netflix stabilized to retain 5th place after recording a lot of movement in the final months of 2019. Video actions on average in the category rose 28% in January and video views rose 38% as a category average.
The Top 10 US Sports Media ranking recorded huge rises in actions, particularly amongst the top 3 companies, with ESPN increasing its actions on social by more than 156 Million in January to take 1st position. Despite recording a drop in video actions of 12 million on the previous month, ESPN recorded a rise in video views of more than 216 million in January, compared to December, driven by content surrounding the death of Kobe and Gianna Bryant.

theScore was the biggest mover in this category, rising 3 places to 7th position with an additional 21 million actions or 92% in January compared to December. theScore boosted it's video actions by more than 5 Million in driving this result, with its top content also dominated by the deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant with several other posts about the Superbowl and elimination of the Patriots in the lead up. ClutchPoints also rose 1 place up the ranking to 5th position while increasing its actions by more than 16 million on the previous month. Both companies recorded rises in shares of more than 100%, well above the average category of 50%. 
Shareablee CEO Tania Yuki said the Actions to Fans Index would be one to watch month by month in 2020 as TV networks and media publishers look to maintain the connection with their audience in off seasons and between series premieres.
"Quality remains the goal for these properties in 2020 as the battle for audience attention only intensifies," Ms Yuki said.  
"There was a rise in both Cross Platform Actions and Shares across almost all the top ranked Sports Media and TV Networks with only a handful of exceptions making it a very strong start to 2020," she said.
For companies not listed in the rankings, get in touch with for a FREE snapshot of your January data.

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