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  • Make partnership decisions with confidence on 9M+ influencers globally across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube
  • Verify best-fit creators based on our new Influencer Score of key quality metrics like true engagement, brand safety and audience interests
  • Search content and bios with keywords for strategic targeting
  • Compare data and assess predictive performance across all audience sizes: Micro, Meso, Macro, Celebrity
  • Filter results by creator type, post content, audience size, affinity, and more KPIs
  • Identify influencers not only by genre, but by audience interest, brand affiliations, audience demographics
  • Break through the clutter if you're an influencer


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The Influencer Score

Acquire unrivalled insights into which influencers are rising amongst the competition, with the power of Shareablee’s new Influencer Score. Narrow the aperture on your search for creators with a reliable, unbiased proprietary metric balances growth, efficiency and engagement to rate their overall performance.

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